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Commercial Gardening Services

Providing Everything You Need


We understand that busy business owners and property management companies do not have lots of spare time available to deal with property and grounds maintenance. At the same time it is vitally important that the exterior of your commercial premises is well maintained, attractive, and a positive advertisement for your business at all times.

We work with a range of commercial clients in both the public and private sector and specialise in garden management services for property maintenance companies, and local businesses in Surrey. Our clients in the commercial sector value or experience, professionalism, reliability and punctuality and are always happy to recommend us.

We offer a range of contract options either for regular maintenance, or on a case by case basis as required.

So whether you require ongoing maintenance of your grounds, an overhaul and redesign or an ad hoc clear-up, we can help.

Landscape Management

An attractive and well-maintained external landscape hugely enhances a commercial environment and it is important that these spaces are kept spruce and attractive.

At Galahad Gardening Services our full commercial garden management and maintenance services include some or all of the following activities, depending on your specific requirements:

Regular maintenance: Of all aspects of your gardens or grounds.

Plant management: Ensuring that the right trees, plants, planters, hedges and foliage are selected and kept healthy. Management of shrubbery, flower beds and small trees.

Lawn management: Our unparalleled turfing and lawn management service will maintain lawns and keep them healthy, green and attractive.

Upkeep: Of garden paths, walls and other structures.

Water maintenance: For ponds and other water features.

Commercial Garden Waste Management

To create the right impression for clients, employees and other stakeholders, it is important that external communal spaces are kept clear of debris and looking neat and tidy. This is particularly important in outside spaces which receive a lot of footfall and are used regularly. Our commercial garden services will also help you with:

Leaf collection and removal: This is a particular problem in the Autumn months. Fallen leaves do not only look unsightly but also have the potential to cause dangerous slips and falls.

Management of overgrown areas and removal of all garden waste: Areas which are not maintained can quickly become overgrown.

Litter picking: To keep spaces neat and tidy.

Moss clearing and weed removal: Speedy removal of litter from pathways, beds and lawns.

If you are looking for a friendly and reliable company to manage your commercial garden maintenance in Surrey, please get in touch with us today and we will be delighted to provide you with a free quote for your work.

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