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Lovely Lawns!

A beautiful and perfectly maintained lawn is the centrepiece of any great garden, and is also a practical space which gets lots of footfall and day to day use. The lawn experts at Galahad Gardening Services will keep your lawn attractive and healthy.


  • Lawn management

Lawns need expert care and attention to keep them in tip top condition. We offer a range of lawn care services to manage all of your grassed areas.

  • Lawn treatment: We provide a range of treatments to help you manage the health and beauty of your lawn. This includes a managed annual programme involving fertiliser in the spring; to give your lawn a boost for the growing season, as well as managing growth and weeds in the summer months. It is also appropriate to treat for moss and other potential problems in the Autumn and winter months. 

  • We can manage any sort of lawn, large or small. Get in touch with us for more information about our expert lawn management services. 

Lawn Services

If your lawn has problems you can take advantage of our inspection and analysis service, which will diagnose the problem and recommend the right remedy, or combination of treatments. We also offer a range of services to maintain the ongoing health of your lawn:

  • Lawn Cutting: Our lawn cutting package includes 20-30 cuts throughout the year and free soil analysis. Regardless of the size of your lawn – from football pitch to pocket handkerchief, we can manage it.

  • Re-seeding: We will re-seed your lawn if required and ensure that pests are controlled.

  • Scarification: This is deep raking that improves water penetration, removes thatch and controls weeds, moss and clover.

  • Aeration: Our coring process improves root growth and drainage, relieves compaction and discourages moss.

  • Top Dressing: When carried out annually this will ensure an ideal soil layer and improve grass growth, drainage and thatch.

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Lawn Strip

Turfing Solutions

If you are moving into a new property, or if your current grass is looking tired, full of weeds or patchy then it is likely that a re-turf will be the best solution for you.

The best turf starts with the selection of the right mixes of turf seeds and we always use good quality British Standard topsoils.

Our first step is to visit you for a quick inspection and to determine your requirements. There are a variety of different turfs available depending on your requirements, the environment and your budget. We will provide expert guidance on the right solution for your garden.

The next step is ground preparation. This involves full clearance of the area, rotavation and then levelling to ensure the best possible surface for your new turf. Turf that is lain on poorly prepared ground can be prone to problems so we manage this extremely carefully to ensure that your new lawn is fertile, healthy and ready to use as quickly as possible.

For all of your turfing and lawn services in Surrey, please get in touch with Galahad Gardening Services today. We will be delighted to assess your requirements and create the perfect management plan for your lawn.

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