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Professional & Efficient Garden Maintenance

Providing Everything You Need

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  • In the UK we take great pride in our gardens, and we increasingly see them as an extension of our homes, rather than a separate outdoor space. So we need them to be attractive and practical areas where we can relax, play, dine or entertain.

  • At Galahad Gardening Services, we provide a highly professional, efficient and reliable gardening service for our residential customers. We will help you to keep your garden beautiful and well-maintained at all times and will make it a real joy for you and your family.

  • Our range of services is comprehensive so we can help you with a full redesign, an ongoing contract to keep your garden spruce and tidy, or one-off and ad hoc tidy-ups as required.

  • Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start so if you are scratching your head and really unsure of what your garden needs, we will be more than happy to provide you with advice

  • Get in touch with us today for a discussion of your requirements and a free quote for your work.

Garden Management Services

  • Our professional garden management services will take excellent care of all of your garden’s needs, year round. Because we are experts in plant and lawn management – we know exactly the right sort of TLC that is required for every element. Our services include:

  • Plant design and management: Not sure which plants are right for your garden or where to put them? We can help.

  • Lawn management: Our comprehensive lawn management service looks after every aspect of your lawn from keeping it cut, fed and healthy, to full turf replacement if required. Find out more information on this service on our turfing and lawn services page.

  • Hedge Works: Hedges help to manage our privacy and are also an attractive feature in our gardens. Our hedge services include trimming, hedge reduction and reshaping all year round.

  • Light Tree Pruning: We will manage small trees on your behalf. This includes small tree removal, low branch removal and light pruning.

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Garden Tidying & Waste Management

Gardens can become overgrown or look untidy from time to time. You can rely on us to keep your garden neat and tidy:

  • Garden Tidy Up: General tidying and garden management. This service is available throughout the year.

  • Leaf Clearance: Accumulated leaves look unattractive and can lead to your services being slippery. As winter approaches, we will collect and remove leaves from your lawn, flower beds and from around your house.

  • Gutter Clearing: Gutters can become cluttered with leaves and other debris. We will remove waste and unblock and clean your gutters quickly and efficiently.

  • Weed Clearing: Weeds are the bane of many a garden so let us manage this problem for you. We provide spot weeding for your lawn as well as spraying for paths and patios.

  • Moss Killing: To complement our weed clearing service we also offer moss killing for lawns and driveways.

  • For responsive quality residential garden maintenance in Surrey - contact Galahad Gardening Services today

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